Welcome to Decentralized Psychiatry

Transforming mental health care, access, technology and resources.

Below follows a high-level overview of Decentralized Psychiatry.

  • Expanding Access to Support and Care

  • Improving Quality of Interventions

  • Providing Life-changing Services in an affordable manner

  • Educating the public to enhance Mental Health Literacy

We are undertaking these ambitious goals by simultaneously leveraging innovations across TWO Paradigm-Shifting technologies:


Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

  • Bitcoin is the first instantiation of distributed ledger technology to go mainstream.

  • We are currently building on Ethereum and Cardano, but we are blockchain agnostic.

  • These decentralized networks have democratized access to capital, thus unlocking a universe of previously inaccessible opportunities.

  • Learn more about DLT here.